Who is behind Musicality Unlimited?
My name is Cristina and I live in South Germany. I’ve been writing about music since 2013; I started with a blog in German, then wrote album/live reviews and did interviews for powerofmetal.dk before acceding to review editor. After quitting the Danish webzine, I joined my friend Rob at progressivemusicplanet.com and occasionally helped him out with album/live reviews and interviews. In July 2017, I created my own site Musicality Unlimited, your destination for all things music.

What is Musicality Unlimited about?
Musicality Unlimited is – as the name suggests – a website all about music. As a music enthusiast, reviewer, and hobby musician who not only enjoys regularly attending shows, but who is also eager to learn about music theory, history, influences on music as well as music’s influence on all of us, I have created this site to combine two of my passions: writing and music in all shapes and forms.
Here you will find everything ranging from short to longer reviews of the newest releases to bands you probably have never heard about and even sorties into the world of literature, film and hopefully even psychology, politics and economy, and how music is linked to these subjects. You will probably notice that I focus heavily on more extreme music – that’s due to the fact that this is the style of music I’m most familiar with and most interested in. However, I will not dedicate this website to a specific genre nor will I limit myself in terms of what I want to write about.
My goal with every post I publish is for me and for whoever is reading to learn something new. So if you are as passionate about music as I am, I hope that you will enjoy my recommendations and that my content will help you expand your horizons.

Browse through the categories:

New releases
You want to know if the latest releases are worth checking out and why? Here, you will find reviews of the latest singles and albums. Metal Detector focuses on heavy music in particular.
Check out: Review: Rings Of Saturn – “Ultu Ulla”



Portraits of my favorite albums and complete guides to my favorite bands. Gems of last year is all about outstanding records I missed featuring around the release date.
Check out: New tracks worth checking out: July 2017

Beyond music
Going above and beyond: Posts about music and its connection to literature, history, mythology, film, psychology, economy and politics.
Check out: Hänsel and Gretel, World War II and The Flying Dutchman: A guide to Carach Angren’s horror concept albums until 2017



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