What is Musicality Unlimited about?

Let’s face it. It is the year 2019. Nobody reads music websites anymore unless they offer content you cannot find anywhere else. The internet is redundant with music news, interviews and reviews. And most importantly: The more popular an artist is, the more articles you will find about that artist on any given music website, while less successful, but equally or even more talented musicians are ignored. This further rigidifies the structure of today’s music industry.
In a world full of music websites that, in essence, offer the same content and cover the same artists over and over again, Musicality Unlimited aims at being an alternative. This blog offers a platform to less known and upcoming artists and fresh, original music to its readers – all without any genre boundaries.

Who is behind Musicality Unlimited?

My name is Cristina and I am an economics student and music enthusiast from South Germany. Music and economics do not only take up most of my time, but have also become integral parts of my personality. I like to say that everything in life is economics and life without music would be meaningless.I’ve been writing about music since 2013; I started with a blog in German, then wrote album and live reviews and did interviews for www.powerofmetal.dk before acceding to review editor. After quitting the Danish webzine to focus on my studies, I joined my friend Rob at www.progressivemusicplanet.com and occasionally helped him out with album and live reviews and interviews. In July 2017, I created my own site Musicality Unlimited, a rather unconventinal guide to music.

Links to my other written work: