Rock’n’roll for adrenaline-seekers: Kaleidobolt

Here is an alternative to your morning coffee: Kaleidobolt! The Finnish band stands for energizing rock’n’roll, psychedelic gimmicks, and organized chaos. 

On their new record “Bitter”, layers of wild riffs, frantic drumming and an underlying retro vibe that vocalist Sampo Kääriäinen certainly unsheathes harmonize incredibly well. Kaleidobolt’s music doesn’t lack texture, and the noise is not just used as a layer to cover up any missing musicianship. The noise is much more an integral part of their prog-infused compositions’ character. 

“We aim to make music that sounds dangerous, that is on its way to critical mass and could all fall apart at any moment”, states bassist Marco Menestrina very fittingly. Indeed, listening to “Another Toothpick”, the first track on the new record, feels like skying too fast, up to the point when you start losing control over your skis and fear a rather unpleasant tumble. “Big Sky Land” starts off more down-paced, but soon turns into a dynamic track. “I Am The Seer” is one of the most memorable songs on the record, and “Coyote” is a legitimately cool rock’n’roll track.

Kaleidobolt’s new album “Bitter” has been released on 31st May 2019 via Svart Records.

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