Interview with vocalist Robin Baumann of German post-hardcore band Venues

Translated from German. Click here to read the original version.

Melodic post-hardcore newcomers Venues from Stuttgart, Germany, have recently released their debut album “Aspire” and are now preparing for a few summer festival shows. In the meantime, vocalist Robin Baumann took some time to give us a little insight into the songwriting and recording process of “Aspire” and dream tours as well as some general advice on work ethic for musicians.

Cristina: The band started out three years ago. How would you describe your experiences in the music scene so far?

Robin: When we first started out, everything was somewhat of a hobby to us. We would play a few smaller shows and party afterwards. We had fun and we were happy with that. Now, our motivation has changed: we all invest a lot of time, energy and money to create music, shows and videos the way we want to. Generally though, we were lucky enough to have a predominantly positive experience so far. Right of now, we have been receiving enormously great feedback on our debut album – that’s something that makes us very proud. 🙂

C: Tell us something about your time in the studio and the process of recording your debut album. How has the work climate been like?

R: Our time in the studio was really relaxed and has been one of the best experiences of the last few years for me personally. We got to the studio pretty well-prepared, so the whole process took place relatively smoothly. While one of us recorded his or her parts, the others would be around and present their ideas or suggest ways to improve. It’s just a really good feeling to see how a song is slowly coming together and then to be able to listen to the final product.
Our collaboration with our producer Christoph Wieczorek (annisokay) was really cool and was a contributing factor to the relaxed atmosphere in the studio.

C: What are the songs on your first album “Aspire” about?

R: Every song has a different story, but in general, the song “We Are One” summarizes the album pretty well. We are living in a completely connected and international world, but ironically, we are more and more isolated. “Aspire” is supposed to be a call for action to approach other people in real life. We are trapped in the digital world and close our minds and emotions to so many things and we are missing out on so much. And yet there are so many people out there with the same fears and problems like us and facing our problems would help us much more than any medicine. Additionally, there are also some personal tracks on the album that are about love, break-ups and all the hurdles that come with it. But just listen for yourself and find your own meaning. 😉

C: In your opinion, in which ways do Venues stand out in comparison to other similar bands?

R: In my opinion, the combination of female clean vocals and male shouts make us remarkable. It actually doesn’t occur very often and if it does, then more likely in other genres. Additionally, I think that catchy vocals and guitar lines are typical of us. Lastly, I would adduce our live shows, where we definitely focus on extreme energy.

C: Following this: Nowadays, a huge amount of new bands come into the industry. What do bands and artists have to do to make their mark in the year 2018 and in the future and to be able to live off of their music? What do you do to achieve this goal?

R: Definitely! The market is full of newcomers (and partly of really great ones!). Nowadays you have to do a lot yourself to set yourself apart from the bulk of bands. If you don’t do it yourself, no one will. Being savvy when it comes to social media is crucial to reaching your audience and finding new fans. You have to be willing to invest money, time and energy and of course your music should be noteworthy so people are actually interested in listening to it. The production of a band’s music and videos should also be of the highest standard possible. That’s what I would recommend to every young band. But to live off of playing music is a completely different thing. We don’t know a whole lot about that, either, haha. But maybe we will be able to if we stick to this advice.

C: Which goal do you have in mind when you are writing and playing music – what do you hope that your fans and listeners will draw from it?

R: We don’t have a specific goal when writing music. We write the songs the way like them. When we play them, though, we of course hope that our listeners will like them, too. 😉
Just kidding. We already received e-mails from people telling us how our songs helped them through difficult times and how much our music means to them. That’s very motivating to us. When playing live, there is no greater feeling than seeing people singing along and really enjoying themselves. That’s how it should be!

C: With which bands would you like to go on tour some day?

R: I think everybody in the band has different favorites, but we all could definitely agree on Bring Me The Horizon. A dream of mine in particular would be touring with My Chemical Romance.

C: What do you want to have achieved 10 years from now?

R: We want to be playing as many shows with as much energy as possible! But it would be great to do so for a bigger audience than right now 😉

C: Do you have any pre-show rituals?

R: Not really. Right before going on stage, we all hug each other, give each other high fives and fool around a little bit.

C: Lastly: How does the year 2018 continue for Venues?

R: Besides playing at the Summer Breeze festival, which will be our biggest show to date, we will also go on a small tour in September with out friends from Desasterkids. Besides that, we are eager to receive feedback on “Aspire” from the rest of the world and hope to be able to play many more shows!

Many thanks to Robin for the interview.

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Translated from German. Click here to read the original version.

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