Best new tracks released in July 2018: hardcore and heavy metal edition

Northlane – “Vultures”
“Watch us!”, Northlane probably thought when their fans were complaining about their recent shift in style. They listened to their fans and delivered just what they demanded – a track as heavy as they possibly could make. I personally love their more melodic and calmer tunes, but don’t mind some more heat here and there. Last but not least, Marcus Bridge’s vocals are once again mind-blowing – he reminds me a lot of Daniël de Jongh of Textures on this particular track. In case metalcore got too cheesy for your taste lately, Northlane have a true gem for you.

Rise Of The Northstar – “Here Comes The Boom”
Is it weird that I never heard about this hardcore band from France before even though they seem to be pretty well-known? Yes. Do I enjoy their new song “Here Comes The Bloom”, though? Absolutely. This is hardcore at its best and I’m excited to check out more.

Rotting Christ – “Pir Threontai” (remixed)
In celebration of the re-release of the album “AEALO”, Rotting Christ have released a brand new lyric video for the song “Pir Threontai”. Does this even count as a new track? It does in my book. It’s pretty awesome, after all, and it gets better with every listen. The rhythm section here is outstanding – it makes you groove along instantly.

MaYan – “The Rhythm Of Freedom”
MaYaN is possibly one of the most talent-packed supergroup in metal at the moment. Symphonic, power and progressive metal’s finest musicians have joined their forces to create top-notch dramatic and transgressive music and I have been a huge fan for years. MaYaN’s third record “Dhyana” will see the light of day on September 21, 2018 and “The Rhythm Of Freedom” is the first single off the new album. On this track, MaYaN serve beautiful orchestral arrangements, extreme metal inspired riffing and drumming as well as electric vocals. Nothing out of the ordinary here if you know and love this band – just exactly what one would expect: an epic, addictive track. Check it out!

annisokay – “Coma Blue”
Saving the best for last. “When will she ever stop bringing up this band?”, you may think to yourself. Well, I won’t stop very soon – in fact, there is a lot more content on annisokay coming up in the next months, so beware. It’s not my fault, though! Their new material is extremely exciting, I can’t help it.
“Come Blue” is the second single off the upcoming album “Arms” and is slightly heavier  track than the first single “Unaware” with a chorus that once again makes my heart leap for joy. Additionally, don’t miss the lovely music video!

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