Antipeewee – “Infected By Evil”

What can a relatively reasonable person do against construction noise just in front of their door? Usually nothing, that’s why most people would spend their time elsewhere. I, on the contrary, am trying to drown it out with some brand new thrash metal. It’s noisy anyways, so the neighbors surely won’t mind. My music of choice for that is Antipeewee’s new record “Infected By Evil”. I first got to know Antipeewee as support act for Dust Bolt’s ten year anniversary show last year. They are from a small Bavarian town very close to my hometown, but I never realized just how much talent there was so close nearby until that concert in Munich.

Both bands, Dust Bolt and Antipeewee, prove how well 80s thrash metal still works especially for young metal fans nowadays. Antipeewee, in particular, are hugely inspired by bands like Suicidal Tendencies, Exodus, Testament, M.O.D. and Corrosion Of Conformity. But “Infected By Evil” is Antipeewee’s third record and worth a listen if you aren’t too much into 80s thrash metal or hardcore punk. The band isn’t exactly reinventing the wheel – especially the new record contains some very strong Exodus influences -but write songs exciting enough that you can turn a blind eye. “Infected By Evil” is filled with explosive and energizing tracks, and memorable songs like “Obey, Consume And Die” or “Infected By Evil” make this record outstanding. You can tell that there is loads of talent in this band, as they even shine with longer, rather untypical tracks. I’m particularly impressed by Cora’s and Johannes’ guitar work. Similarly, “Infected By Evil” is actually quite melodic in some parts: “Symphony Of Doom”, for instance, contains some classical elements, and there is some power metal, epic solos and acoustic parts here and there that truly brighten up the sound of the album.

Antipeewee are focusing on topics like science fiction and horror in their lyrics, which is a refreshing change compared to politics, social criticism and violence. I especially enjoy their H. P. Lovecraft references that are present on this record once again (“Azathoth (Open The Gates)”).

It’s bands like Antipeewee, Space Chaser, Dust Bolt and many more that have reawakened Germany’s thrash metal scene and the fans’ excitement for the genre. Going to underground thrash metal shows in Bavaria, for example, is a cross-generational experience, as you will meet all kinds of people from teenagers (sometimes even parents with their kids) to older thrash metal fans who have been going to shows ever since the 80s.
At least for me, thrash metal underground shows have always been like a reset button – you get to the venue kind of stressed out about whatever might be happening in your life  at that moment and you come out a completely new person who can face anything. “Infected By Evil” is like the portable version of such a reset. This album needs to be played loudly, and it surely offers some great material for live shows.

Release date: June 29, 2018

Rating: outstanding (4)

Philipp Schnepka – vocals
Coralie Baier – guitars
Johannes Scheugenpflug – guitars
Alexander Schott – bass
Tom Mayer – drums

01. Intro
02. Hideous Fate
03. Infected By Evil
04. Symphony Of Doom
05. Dreams In The Witchhouse
06. Buried (No Way Out)
07. Army Of Deep Ones
08. Dagon
09. Obey, Consume And Die
10. Azathoth (Open The Gates)

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