Favorite tracks released in June 2018

As I Lay Dying – “My Own Grave”

Let’s address the elephant in the room first: As I Lay Dying are back and with the same line-up as prior to Tim Lambesis’ time in prison. The excitement is real. Miracles do happen!
Regardless of whether you personally believe that Tim Lambesis has truly changed and is therefore a musician you can support without worries or not (he tried to get his wife killed), I think it is still interesting to give this new piece of music a shot. After all, the other band members contributed to its creation as well. “My Own Grave” sounds like a direct continuation of their last record “Awakened”. Is it the next metalcore hymn we all will be chanting along for the next months? I don’t think so. It’s no “A Greater Foundation” or “Parallels”, but a very solid track that shows that As I Lay Dying’s songwriting skills are no bit rusty.

The Night Flight Orchestra – “Turn To Miami”

Okay, I really don’t understand how I could miss this band, or rather supergroup, at first. It seems as if the guys from The Night Flight Orchestra got into a time machine, recorded some music and videos and brought them back to the year 2018. It’s glorious.
Aside from the great and nostalgic music, the next exciting thing about The Night Flight Orchestra is that the band is fronted by no other than Soilwork vocalist Björn Strid, who is undoubtedly one of the best (metal) vocalists of our time. It turns out he has a heart for classic rock as well!
“Turn To Miami” is a truly catchy and exhilarating track off the album “Sometimes The World Ain’t Enough”, which is out today. Also, Strid in a yellow suit is so cool to watch.

annisokay – “Unaware”

The first single off the new album “Arms” by German melodic hardcore band annisokay is out today and I would be lying if I told you that I haven’t binge-listening to it already. This has to be one of the most addicting songs I’ve heard in quite a while. Those clean vocals are just to die for. My inner fangirl is very happy! “Unaware” is slightly different in sound than what we are used to from annisokay, but still a hundred percent themselves. If the whole album sounds like that, I have found the album of the year 2018. Yes, the song is that good. Just listen for yourself.

Falling In Reverse – “Losing My Life”

I discovered the band Falling In Reverse on a lazy afternoon on YouTube. Unfortunately, I failed to listen to anything else by this band other than their single “Losing My Mind”, which was released earlier this year. This month, Falling In Reverse have unleashed another single and video. “Losing My Life” has some obvious similarities to “Losing My Mind” regarding structure and style, but while the first single sounded more like a declaration of war, “Losing My Life” is a lot more desperate, heavier and stirring. Definitely give this band’s new music a shot if you are into hip-hop, modern metal and a tiny bit of craziness.

Follow The Cipher – “A Mind’s Escape”

Follow The Cipher are from Sweden, female-fronted and, from what I’ve heard so far, play a mix of melodic death metal in the style of In Flames and Amaranthe and (symphonic) power metal similar to Sabaton and Nightwish. Basically, Follow The Cipher sounds like the perfect band for me, and they do sound quite alright. Even though their influences are quite obvious on their latest single “A Mind’s Escape” (I hear some Evanescence in there as well), they manage to sound fresh. “A Mind’s Escape” is a well-made track that whet my appetite for the full-length debut of Follow The Cipher, which I will check out very soon.


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