New tracks worth checking out: March 2018

I’ve been really inconsistent with posting new episodes of this series, I know. But to be fair, there wasn’t anything to write about from November to February because I was listening to the exact same five songs on shuffle and picked another five songs once I got bored with the old ones, all that while living in the university library and being snowed under with books on calculus and other (not so) pleasant things. It was a terrible time for music discovery.
Now, while still feeling guilty for not pottering at microeconomics, I have more free time on my hands that I will devote to the newest tracks released in March, as is right and proper. This may not be a rational decision, as studying would probably be more beneficial in the long run, but in the long run, we are all dead. (Sorry, fellow economists! I just had to do it!)
I discovered many new bands this month, so for the most part, I won’t be able to give you much information besides why I love a certain track. See this as an opportunity to discover new music with me. I hope you’ll enjoy the trip!

This month started off very strongly with Shinedown’s new single “DEVIL” off their upcoming album “ATTENTION ATTENTION”. Besides the fact that all these titles written in all caps are literally screaming at me (which is probably the point here, actually), I love what I’ve been hearing up until now. Shinedown are known for their catchy music and smartly written lyrics. Only the latter actually applies to “DEVIL”, but a great song doesn’t have to be catchy. Shinedown’s new single has the right punch and rhythm to it and that’s exactly what makes “DEVIL” quite addictive.

I remember hearing about Alkaloid in 2015 or something when I was covered in new releases over at I never got around listening to their stuff, but I refuse to miss another great release, so I started checking out their newest tracks. I shouldn’t have done so while sitting in the library, though, as it was quite hard to hide my amazement. In all honesty, I have no idea what “Kernel Panic” is, and I will not attempt to explain what’s going on there. Crossover metal surely is a thing now.

Speaking of crossover: Zeal & Ardor is an act that has increasingly been getting attention since their 2017 debut release “Devil Is Fine”, which combines blues, soul and gospel with heavy metal in the most creative way. I couldn’t be more excited about this great discovery.  Zeal & Ardor are now back with a new single called “Gravedigger’s Chant“. You’ve got to love the raw and unedited sound of this track and the epic gospel influences that break it up. Be ready to be surprised.

If there is one vocalist in metal that speaks to me on a higher level, it’s Howard Jones, ex-Killswitch Engage and now frontman of groove metal/metalcore band Light The Torch (formerly Devil You Know). That man has one of the most powerful voices in metal. And to top it all, virtuoso Francesco Artusato is serving some of his strongest riffs in this band. I was a fan right from the beginning and now, their last single “The Safety Of Disbelief” makes my heart leap for joy. A full review of the new record is soon to follow.

Another awesome frontman is Amorphis’ Tomi Joutsen. To be honest, I have never been listening to Amorphis even though I have always suspected that they sound great. I did check out their most recent single “The Bee“, though, as I have been listening to Hallatar’s “No Stars Upon The Bridge” regularly since its release and was utterly impressed by Joutsen’s vigorous vocal delivery on that record. “The Bee” is definitely a standout track and I am looking forward to discovering more of Amorphis’ music, including the upcoming record.

Shockpowder is an alternative rock/metal band with post-rock and shoegaze influences. Their music reminds me a lot of Alcest, but their style also contains some grungy elements. All in all, they are playing music that is right up my alley and I loved their new single “Lucid” right away. The song is mellow and dreamy in the beginning until layers of distorted guitars gradually take over. I’m very eager to listen to new stuff from these guys, and you should check out their music instantly!

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