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annisokay – “Arms”

Exam season is approaching, so I'm once again spending my days trying to get a grasp of microeconomics. How does this relate to this review, you might ask? Well, I've been currently engaging myself in consumer theory and realized that even though we only discuss perfectly rational preference relations in theory, preferences in real life usually are anything but rational. Today, I will be discussing a new release by a band I have been a fan of for years now, and listening to their music brings me great joy (or utility, as we economists like to say). There is no rational reason why I like this band so much and even prefer it over other bands. It's mostly emotional attachment and my irrational preference for high voices and cheesy, wistful melodies. Music in general really is a lot about personal preference. My job when writing reviews, though, is to analyse albums - not to drool over my favorite bands. I...

Hidden gems

Dive into Russian history with epic extreme metal band Voland

The bands you didn't particularly search for always turn out to be among the best ones - the ones that surprise and fascinate you upon first listening to them. Don't ask me how I came across Voland, because I really have no idea. I just know that I wrote their name on a list of bands on Bandcamp I needed to feature at some point, and a couple of months later, here we are. Voland is a two-man extreme metal project from Bergamo, Italy that started out in 2006. While their lyrics are inspired by Russian history, their sound is rooted in black metal. Especially in the beginning, their compositions...


Interview with guitarist and singer Christoph Wieczorek of annisokay

Translated from German. Click here to read the original version. It's been a month since the release of annisokay's highly acclaimed full-length output "Arms". See below what singer, guitarist and producer Christoph has to tell us about the new record, annisokay's tour in the US and more. Cristina: Congratulations on...


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Best new tracks released in July 2018: hardcore and heavy metal edition

Northlane - "Vultures" "Watch us!", Northlane probably thought when their fans were complaining about their recent shift in style. They listened to their fans and delivered just what they demanded - a track as heavy as they possibly could make. I personally love their more melodic and calmer tunes, but don't mind some more heat here and there. Last but not least, Marcus Bridge's vocals are once again mind-blowing - he reminds me a lot of Daniël de Jongh of Textures on this particular track. In case metalcore got too cheesy for your taste lately, Northlane have a true gem for you. Rise Of The Northstar - "Here Comes The...


HIM’s studio albums, ranked worst to best

When I heard that HIM decided to end their journey in 2017, I was devastated. Yet, silly me wasn't able to get her hands on tickets for the farewell tour, so I was even more heartbroken. So what else could I do? You got it, I thought I could rank their albums. It wasn't an easy task for sure. Especially with a band like HIM, it wouldn't be very wise do make a gut decision, so I tried to come up with a fairly useful decision matrix. Yes, I have an Excel sheet and all. This is serious business to...

Beyond music

Hänsel and Gretel, World War II and The Flying Dutchman: A guide to Carach Angren’s horror concept albums until 2017

If you are into cinematic music that also scares you a little, you have surely heard of the Dutch horror metal band Carach Angren. They are not only known for their extreme, yet hauntingly beautiful music, but also for their concept albums. Each of their records is based on a specific tale, myth or historical event, which the Dutch then reinterpret and create something (fairly) new. I will advise you to proceed with caution. For the most part, Carach Angren’s concept albums are quite disturbing. Tales of death, abuse and horror is what you can expect here. Nevertheless, I hope...


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