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Review: In This Moment – “Ritual”

Release date: July 21, 2017
Rating: average (3)


Maria Brink – vocals
Chris Howorth – guitar
Randy Weitzel – guitar
Travis Johnson – bass
Tom Hane – drums

Maria Brink must be one of the most provocative artists in modern heavy music. While she is easily mistaken as someone who is all about shocking everyone with her looks, I truly acknowledge her genius: Few vocalists express their emotions as openly, very few don’t deter from addressing personal tragedies as directly as Maria Brink. I will always remember the lyrics and the video of the song “Sex Metal Barbie” – In This Moment turned all the hatred that the band ever received into one of their most powerful and equally disturbing songs. I am sure that many won’t agree with me, but I believe that Maria Brink is not technically a role model, but an important female figure in today’s music industry: She has many talents, does whatever she wants, isn’t afraid of criticism and has a hugely empowering impact on women who don’t fit into today’s society.

Alright, after my little sortie into feminism, let’s get into the music. People have very divided opinions on In This Moment, which is no surprise considering their style and their offensive lyrics. Ritual once again falls into that category: The music In This Moment are presenting on this record is very little different from what they usually offer, which doesn’t have to be a bad thing. However, that’s not the case when the music isn’t the best in general. To me, it always seems as if In This Moment have a lot more potential than they actually deliver. The aforementioned single “Sex Metal Barbie” showcases exactly the kind of energy, emotion and musical genius this band is capable of. Luckily, there are some tracks on “Ritual” that go into the right direction, namely “Black Wedding” featuring nobody else than Rob Halford. This song makes you want to dance and sing along immediately and the lyrics and the melodies just go together so nicely. The rest isn’t bad. It really isn’t. On the one hand, I usually can’t get the main melody of “River Of Fire” out of my head for at least six hours after listening to that song. In This Moment have also succeeded with their cover of “In The Air Tonight” originally performed by Phil Collins, as it really is a great mix of the original and their own style. “Joan Of Arc” and “Witching Hour” give me serious American Horror Story vibes, the atmosphere on these tracks is just amazing. “Oh Lord”, the first single off the new record, on the other hand, is a little unspectacular, just like all the other tracks on Ritual.

The bottom line is that this album doesn’t feel like one hundred percent. In This Moment are somehow stuck at seventy-five percent. Ultimately, I believe that if you enjoy In This Moment, you will enjoy this record, period. But after listening more closely, I can only conclude that this record will never satisfy a music enthusiast’s need for creative, unique and sophisticated songwriting. I will continue to listen to those three to five songs by In This Moment that I like and that’s it.

1. Salvation
2. Lord
3. Black Wedding
4.  In The Air Tonight
5. Joan Of Arc
6. River Of Fire
7. Witching Hour
8. Twin Flames
9. Half God Half Devil
10. Me Importa
11. Roots
12. Lay Your Gun Down

Gems of 2016: Anaal Nathrakh – The Whole Of The Law

Do you know that awesome feeling when you discover a new band and already know that you adore them twenty seconds into the first song? I usually need some time to get into a band, but with Anaal Nathrakh, it was love at first listen. I was completely overwhelmed by their speed and their inexorable bestiality, and then that guy stopped screaming like a pig started singing almost… beautifully … and then came a stupendous, melodic guitar solo: The first song by Anaal Nathrakh that I ever listened to is called “Of Horror, And The Black Shawls” off their latest release The Whole Of The Law and I still get goose bumps every time.

Anaal Nathrakh are bordering black metal and grindcore and play music that is way too weird to listen to on a daily basis but that is equally addictive. They only sparingly make use of melodic elements, but when they do, they manage to bring any song to the next level. Like the aforementioned song, tracks like “Extravaganza!”, “Of Being A Slave” or “Depravity Favours The Bold” all contain some kind of musical element that makes them unforgettable, be it dramatic synthesizers, high clean vocals or divine soli.

There is something strangely satisfying and almost soothing about extreme music, especially black metal. Whoever claims that black metal is just noise hasn’t experienced the great impact that great black metal has on you when you feel empty, angry and also somehow lost.

Some bands know what they are doing – Anaal Nathrakh go beyond that. They sound as if they don’t care at all about impressing anyone but ironically managed to create a highly impressive record with The Whole Of The Law: Unlike with many other black metal bands, there is a lot of talent in this band. It is pure evil at its best and definitely a band you should check out if you love extreme metal.

New tracks worth checking out: July 2017

The Contortionist – Absolve
Ah, The Contortionist. I still remember listening to them for the very first time when I received the promo for their 2014 release Language. Already one minute in, I knew that I would adore that album, and I still do. It is safe to say that The Contortionist are amongst the most exciting acts in progressive music, and they continue to please their fans with this new track. “Absolve” is the second track off The Contortionist’s new record Clairvoyant out on September 15. Same as on Language, they continue to play intricate, yet very calming, ethereal music. Trust me, you need this band in your life, and you definitely need to throw this new track onto your playlist.

Hallatar – Mirrors
Hallatar’s debut album No Stars Upon The Bridge is one of my most anticipated releases of 2017. Equally, I was really excited to listen to the first song off the new record. The band is featuring Juha Raivio of Swallow The Sun, Gas Lipstick of HIM and Tomi Joutsen of Amorphis, so if you know these bands, you probably can imagine how “Mirrors” might sound like. It is the darkest shade of dark, powerful, and, similarly to Juha Raivio’s previous project Trees Of Eternity, hauntingly beautiful.

Arch Enemy – The World Is Yours
Unlike many other Arch Enemy fans, I am really happy with the band’s new work with vocalist Alissa White-Gluz. She brings her own influences as an artist into the band while trying to stick to the classic Arch Enemy style without sounding fake. After the last album War Eternal, the first one with White-Gluz, Arch Enemy is about to release their new, highly anticipated album Will To Power and “The World Is Yours” is the first taste of the new record. There is not a lot to say about Arch Enemy, only that they deliver every single time, period.

Ne Obliviscaris – Intra Venus
Ne Obliviscaris is one of those insanely good bands that everyone and their mama lose their minds when they announce anything new. Long ago, the Australian prog band released the first track off their new record URN due in October. People lost their minds. I lost my mind.
One thing I have always loved about this band is that despite the fact that very instrument has a place to shine, the music never sounds overdone or too much. These guys probably just can’t write bad songs. However, let’s wait for the entire record and for now, we can enjoy this beautiful new track called “Intra Venus”.

2017’s most impressive releases so far – Part 2

Some of you might look at this short list and ask themselves “Where is all the heavy stuff?”. Well, a little while ago, I introduced part 1 of this series with the fact that I haven’t had much time to listen to a lot of music in 2017 because of different reasons, and when I did, I have almost always been opting for “softer” music.
Two of the next albums have been accompanying me during most parts of this spring – can you guess which ones?

Kobra And The Lotus – Prevail I
Release date:
May 12, 2017
Having always been skeptical about artists who seem self-publicizing or too concerned about their looks, I avoided Kobra And The Lotus for quite some time. Frontwoman Kobra Paige looked as if she could fit into the aforementioned category of musicians; however, after listening to the latest album by the Canadian band, I learned that she is a gifted vocalist and as I watched some interviews with her, I concluded that she has to be a genuinely nice and down-to-earth person. This is probably another typical case of “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Also, shout out to a female in the metal genre that is not a soprano – middle-ranged ladies and altos are way too underrepresented in the metal scene. In a world full of Sharons, Tarjas and Elizes, we need more Kobras!
Prevail I has been growing on me with every new listen: It has the right punch to it despite being full of hits. It also feels a lot fresher than Kobra And The Lotus’ previous releases. Some of the most outstanding songs are the opener “Gotham”, “Triggerpulse” and the semi-ballad “Light Me Up”.

Imminence – This Is Goodbye
Release date:
March 31, 2017
I would say that I normally don’t listen to “this kind” of music, but that would be bullshit. I listen to whatever works for me, and even though this new type of core music is not what I generally opt for, I genuinely enjoy Imminence’s new record This Is Goodbye. It is true that they have changed their style quite drastically; however, both styles, namely classic metal-/deathcore and modern melodic/alternative rock/metal, suit them very well. If this is what a band wants to do, why not?
This Is Goodbye is basically a record that has been written with a broken heart: There are quite a few songs on here that express feelings of sadness, loss, heartbreak, and chagrin. Nonetheless, all tracks are memorable and full of energy.This record soothes the listener and makes him want to party at the same time. “Energetic” is also a term to describe Imminence’s live shows: The Swedes give everything on stage and especially vocalist Eddie Berg is one of the most enthusiastic frontmen I have ever seen live. And to top it all, he even produces all of Imminence’s music videos, and he’s doing a fantastic job.
It is fair to say that I have been playing this record on repeat ever since I bought it at one of their shows as support for annisokay. Also, have I mentioned that these guys are some of the nicest dudes I have ever met? I have never been hugged so much in one single evening. Anyways, if you are into great melodies and don’t mind a little electronic action alongside with guitars and a little cheesiness, give This Is Goodbye a listen. Favorite tracks: “Coming Undone”, “Broken Love” and “Cold As Stone”.

Soen – Lykaia
Release date:
February 3, 2017
When I reviewed this record for, I remember liking two songs off Lykaia a lot and the rest sounded rather mediocre to me. Despite that and the fact that Soen sound way too perfect for my taste, I have still being coming back to this album. And now, as I am listening to Lykaia again, I do like it more than a couple of months ago. So that’s why I had to mention it as part of this list. Unmistakably influenced by Opeth and Tool, Soen created an atmospheric and dynamic prog rock record and even added some elements of world music. In my review, I wrote as a conclusion that you should give this record several listens so you could “discover the colors that I tried and failed to find”. Slowly, but steadily, it seems that these so-called colors I tried to find in Lykaia are finally revealing themselves to me.

Review: Rings Of Saturn – “Ultu Ulla”

Release date: July 28, 2017
Rating: outstanding (4)

Lucas Mann – Guitars, Bass, Synth
Ian Bearer – Lyrics, Vocals
Aaron Stechauner – Drums
Miles Dimitri Baker – Guitar

The first time I heard about the band Rings Of Saturn was when I watched one of Jared Dines’ videos. It is called “10 ways to headbang (for beginners)” and that’s where he shows different types of headbangers at metal shows. At some point, there is one type called “Every Rings Of Saturn Show” and he shows a guy who just can’t figure out how to headbang. So apparently, Rings Of Saturn’s music is so complicated when it comes to rhythm that no one can figure it out.
So now I’m sitting here, listening to Rings Of Saturn’s new record Ultu Ulla because weird music is just what I’m into; additionally, I wanted to check out this band ever since watching that video.

The record is composed of several explosive, fast and mind-blowingly complex tracks accompanied by some fresh acoustic intros and interludes for good measure. Rings Of Saturn show that deathcore doesn’t have to be repetitive, but can in fact be really exciting and interesting for fans of technical and progressive music: Abysmal, dark breakdowns alternate with colorful synthesizer and guitar melodies on Ultu Ulla. Merely the vocals sound a little monotonous to me, but I assume that people who are listening to Rings Of Saturn aren’t doing so because of the vocals in particular. This is a band that surely has things to offer past good vocals.

I can tell you that once you have gone through the initial “What the heck am I listening to”-phase, you might really enjoy this record. Ultu Ulla is something different that is worth giving a listen, so don’t be put off by retro video game soundtrack inspired guitar melodies and Rings Of Saturn’s alien and space concept. Highlights: “Servant Of This Sentience” and “Inadequate”.

1. Servant of this Sentience
2. Parallel Shift
3. Unhallowed
4. Immemorial Essence
5. The Relic
6. Margidda
7. Harvest
8. The Macrocosm
9. Prognosis Confirmed
10. Inadequate

Hänsel and Gretel, World War II and The Flying Dutchman: A guide to Carach Angren’s horror concept albums until 2017

If you are into cinematic music that also scares you a little, you have surely heard of the Dutch horror metal band Carach Angren. They are not only known for their extreme, yet hauntingly beautiful music, but also for their concept albums. Each of their records is based on a specific tale, myth or historical event, which the Dutch then reinterpret and create something (fairly) new.
I will advise you to proceed with caution. For the most part, Carach Angren’s concept albums are quite disturbing. Tales of death, abuse and horror is what you can expect here. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this guide to this great band, and if you ever wondered what the hell those weird albums are all about, I hope that this article will clarify things.


Released in 2008
Main inspiration: the myth of the White Lady of Lammendam

Carach Angren’s first full-length makes for an exceptional listen. There are not many bands out there that manage to write so well-developed records so early in their career. As a concept, the Dutch band chose a local tale.
The story begins with someone coming across the place of a castle ruin. The person gets lost in the woods as he tries to shake off a pursuer, until he realizes that it’s a ghost that is haunting him. From the lines “All that’s left is a shallow empty moat / There were my rigid body floats through a cold void what Dutch men call ‘dood’ / No one in the village knew, why disappear? / Wish they knew my corpse was here! (…) /No return, no return from Lammendam!” off the track “A Strange Presence Near The Woods”, it can be abstracted that either the ghost killed the person, which is quite likely in this particular case, or he died otherwise – we can’t know for sure, as the lyrics do leave room for interpretation (and imagination …). After this “introduction”, the speaker tells the story of the White Lady of Lammendam. The track “Haunting Echoes From The Seventeenth Century” is the essence of why the noble lady had to die: She was having an affair with another man and was therefore “crowned as a whore”. This “whorish desire” was “sentenced with the punishment of fire”, as it is told in “Phobic Shadows And Moonlit Meadows”, thus the castle was set on fire and she and her lover died there. However, as described in “Corpse In A Nebulous Creek”, neither her corpse nor her skeleton were found, so there was no proper burial for her. The next songs describe how the girl’s spirit haunts the people around the castle and murders them. Even after years, peasants who work near the castle disappear at night: “The French peasants called the apparition ‘La Madame Blanche'”. Then, these words were transformed by the church, that’s why the curse of the White Lady is called “De Lammendam”.
In conclusion, “Lammendam” is the term that describes the curse of the White Lady from the town Sjilvend who died burning alive.

Death Came Through A Phantom Ship

Released in 2010
Main inspiration: the legendary ghost ship “Flying Dutchman”

If you are not familiar with the myth of the Flying Dutchman, here you go: It is likely to have originated from 17th century folklore. This ghost ship can never make port and is damned to sail the oceans until the end of time. Ever since the myth came up, the sight of this phantom ship is believed to be a bad omen in ocean lore.
Carach Angren’s sophomore album Death Came Through A Phatom Ship is an interpretation of this famous myth that has been picked up in literature, art und film. The album begins with a scene from the present (“In the age of electricity and oil”): A boat sails to sea and picks up signs of a ship trying to contact it, then the captain starts hearing voices cursing his name. After a while, the captain detects a deserted ship, which the other sailors know to be a potent of doom. The shipwreck disappears quickly after. Returned home, the captain kills his wife and daughter believing he’s dreaming and defending himself from an intruder. When he realizes what he has done in the morning, he commits suicide – that’s the content of the track “And The Consequence Macabre”. The next songs tell stories from the shipwreck’s captain. Hendrick Van Der Decken is depicted as fearless, materialistic, very ambitious and unconscionable: “He’s hollering as if he’s mad / This ship is captained by a successful psychopath.” “Bloodstains On The Captain’s Log” describes the crimes Van Der Decken commits to enrich himself and how he chooses the sea over love. The tracks “Al Betekent Het Mijn Dood” and “Departure Towards A Nautical Curse” now tell the story of how the captain died: Even though his crew fights setting sail on Easter Sunday tooth and nail, Van Der Decken remains determined to do so and kills every seaman who sets himself against him. While on the sea, a terrible storm comes up that prompts many sailors to kill themselves, the captain then murders the rest and persists on sailing on alone, until he gets struck by a mast and dies. From this point, the ship and the captain remain cursed to roam the seas forever: “Now dawning upon him like rays of the sun / his state and his fate cannot be undone / The captain now trapped on this skeleton vessel, / adrift on the void in a black floating castle.”
Funny enough, there actually are some explanations for the sightings of the phantom ship that occurred during the 19th and 20th century: for example, an optical effect called looming could be responsible for the appearance of a ship floating above the ocean.

Where The Corpses Sink Forever

Released in 2012
Main inspiration: stories from World War II

In my opinion, war is always an interesting topic to discuss – in literature, art and music (haven’t seen great movies about war, though… any recommendations?). So it is just fitting that Carach Angren, a (if you haven’t guessed yet) horror/extreme metal band writes a record about World War II, and they are not the only ones. Carach Angren’s approach, however, is quite unique.
The album begins with a recording of a man who was assigned to execute seven prisoners. Ever since, he is haunted by their memories of war. From now on, each song tells the story of one prisoner: The first memory is of a soldier who is asked by a comrade in arms to kill him so that he wouldn’t have to endure torture once he would have been captured by the enemy. The soldier hesitates and his friend is eventually dragged away by the enemy. His last words “You son of a whore should be terrified! In this hell I’ll wait for you!” make him realize that this experience will forever haunt him. “So depressed, so empty / Wandering hopelessly, searching for death. / His soul feels so old and so cold / The only desire left is his yearning for death.”: These lines off “Bitte tötet mich” vividly describe the next soldier’s feelings who desperately tries to end his life until he finally exposes himself in the line of fire, gets shot twice, but instead of dying immediately, he remains crippled for two years until his final death. “The Funerary Dirge Of A Violinist” is a true highlight of this record. This track tells the story of a violinist who has never killed a single man during war, but who seeks to end his life as he cannot endure his life as a soldier any longer: “He decides to walk straight into the fire fight, playing this dreamlike masterpiece. / Every soldier stops, holds his breath. Not a single shot is being heard during an intro for his own death. / And when the violin bow is being lowered at the end, both sides simultaneously open fire.” Next up is the track “Sir John” the tale of a doctor who is trapped with other soldiers for weeks. All soldiers gradually pass away, while the doctor survives by feeding on them. Plagued by his trauma and by his hunger for blood, he finally eats his own tongue and dies. As the record proceeds, you will meet a general, who is agonized by all the death and misery he makes himself responsible for, and little Hector, who falls victim to the haunted house he lives in and who kills his father and himself.
I absolutely adore this record. It is horrifying, depressing and stunningly beautiful at the same time. After listening to Where The Corpses Sink Forever, I guarantee that you will perceive World War II in a different way than when you learned about it in history class.

This Is No Fairytale

Released in 2015
Main inspiration: the fairy tale “Hänsel and Gretel”

Don’t be fooled by the main inspiration for this album: Although the base of the story can be pinned back to the German fairy tale “Hänsel and Gretel”, this album is better described by its title… indeed, this is no fairytale. This time, the record describes one story from beginning to end and has less of a “series” character than the previous releases.
The setting is the house of a dysfunctional family: The father is a heavy drinker who abuses his wife and children, the mother is a drug addict. The two children endure this horror until they decide to leave their home. They eventually get caught by their father, who brings them back home and beats his children for running away. The next morning, the kids find their dead mother who took her own life. That’s when they realize that they need to leave their home for good, so they run away while their father is still asleep. At some point, they discover a playground in the forest, where a clown lures the tired children into his car and drugs them. “Children, there is no house built of gingerbread ahead / My sweetest lies all lead towards a bitter place instead / But one thing I promise you is true / No one will ever find you.” When the kids get to eat from the gingerbread house, they are poisoned. Gretel falls to the ground, while Hänsel is on a quest to escape the psychopath (who kidnapped him and his sister) who claims to want to “eat his [your] lifeless flesh. / Still warm… but raw”. As described in “Possessed By A Craft Of Witchery”, the kidnapper “truly believes to be possessed by a craft of witchery. / He kills children in the name of a witch. / A demonic voice compels him to wander as a friendly clown. / Searching in every town, / until flesh victims are found. / The voice of the witch spits venomous words in his head. / It can only be silenced when infants are dead.” The psychopath locks Gretel up in a cage and makes her watch while he kills her brother and dismembers the boy’s body. She is forced to serve the clown as a slave, bury her brother, and eat his heart without knowing it, until she manages to escape the cage one day. She sets the house on fire, locks the door and runs away. And now brace yourself for the ending … while she believes that the psychopath has returned, she realizes that everything was just a horrible dream: “The stench of burnt flesh becomes the smell of alcohol, / and when her bastard father shuts the door behind him, / she realizes: It was just a dream. / The real nightmare continues in reality.”
I’m still unsure about what to think about Carach Angren’s lyrical approach on this record. On the first three releases, horror was merely created through imagination. Of course, there are quite some passages that depict violence, murder and suicide. However, looking at the lyrics of This Is No Fairytale, I feel like a lot of the “magic” has been taken away by describing all bestialities in detail.

Dance And Laugh Amongst The Rotten

Released in 2017
Main inspiration: a girl who is obsessed with her Ouija board

Dance And Laugh Amongst The Rotten is Carach Angren’s newest output. The story begins with a girl who summons a bad spirit called Charlie with the aid of an Ouija board. She gets scared and leaves the room, while the listener stays and gets to know other spirits. The story of the “Blood Queen” was inspired by the tale of Bloody Mary. While desperately wishing for a baby, she uses violence against non-believers. On time, a mirror shows her the future, which is a newborn child, which is then killed by an evil force. Ever since, the Blood Queen is doomed to haunt everyone through mirrors. “Charles Francis Coghlan” describes the story of an actor so passionate about his profession that he even died on stage. Another character is the spirit of a man who is obsessed with the dead. In “Song For The Dead”, it is described how he “touch[es] their eyes, harvest[s] their rheum” or “wear[s] their clothes”. The next story originating from Limburgian folklore is about a witch who is assigned by the devil to get a couple apart. In the end, the man kills his wife as a result of a misunderstanding. Back to the girl from the beginning, we learn that she is possessed by the bad spirit Charlie, that in fact didn’t come from the Ouija board, but from a pitch black box the girl opened before. That means that she was haunted before she could realize it.
Overall, I’m not too impressed with the storyline of Carach Angren’s latest record. The lyrics are quite hard to understand without a little help and research. I think that the band’s earlier works are much more accessible for the listener.

However, to end this on a positive note, I highly recommend checking out Carach Angren’s work. As you can see, they go way beyond music and have loads to offer.

Carach Angren lyrics found on

Season of Mist press information
Katja’s brain

And finally: Eternal gratitude to my best friend for proofreading this post – she introduced me to Carach Angren and knows much more about this band than I ever will.

2017’s most impressive releases so far – Part 1

I will be honest with you: For the most part, the first half of 2017 consisted of me passing a lot of time in the library trying to study, then studying all I should have studied during the last two years in three weeks, exams and sleeping a lot. Apart from that, it also consisted of me singing in several basements and attics, singing on bigger and smaller stages and screaming at people. There has not been much room for even more music otherwise. However, I’ve been catching up and today, I am very happy to present my top picks of 2017 so far. The following releases really impressed me. This does not mean that they will necessarily reappear in my yearly favorites – I can’t know which of these albums I will actually listen to for a longer period of time – but for now, I have really been enjoying them. So if you are still on the hunt for new music, feel free to check out these awesome releases!

Unleash The Archers – Apex
Release date: June 2, 2017
If you are into traditional heavy metal and melodic metal with a little twist, you will adore this record. Unleash The Archers play a very refreshing mix of those genres and aren’t afraid to add some power and folk metal elements on top. The songs on Apex are very well-written, but also catchy enough to remember and to sing along. Apex is also one of those albums that you listen to once and don’t really get excited about it until you listen more closely. I remember not even liking Brittney Slayes’ vocals at the beginning until I realized that she is a total badass and absolutely unique. I already know that this record will appear in my yearly favorites! Some of my favorite tracks are “The Matriarch”, “Cleanse The Bloodlines” and “Apex”.

Slug Comparison – IIa (EP)
Release date: May 27, 2017
I’m a sucker for great vocals, probably because I sing myself. I also really love good, short songs. Sometimes it’s just that simple. And for that, I quite enjoy Slug Comparison’s music, Doug Harrison’s solo project after playing and singing in the progressive rock band Fen. Slug Comparison’s sound is fresh, diverse and innovative, but not too fancy. Additionally, I could probably listen to Harrison’s vocals all day – as a singer, he’s definitely up there with Jim Grey or Tommy Karevik for me. His latest EP, IIa contains three new songs: “Let Some Light”, a beautifully arranged (mostly) acoustic song, the more energetic “Exactly What To Do” and the mellow, almost ballad-like finishing track “Becoming”. IIa still has Slug Comparison’s signature sound while offering something new as compared with the debut album. I’m already looking forward to IIb!

River Black – River Black
Release date: July 7, 2017
River Black was founded by guitarist John Adubato and drummer David Witte of Municipal Waste after the breakup of their former project Burnt By The Sun. River Black is their debut album, and what an album it is! There aren’t many bands out there that combine thrash, death metal and hardcore so effortlessly. Every track is overflowing with energy and fury. However, River Black manage to keep their songs versatile and musically challenging. For example, “#Victim” is a very interesting track when it comes to rhythm. I also love “Jaws” and “Honor” for their hardcore influence. The song “River Black” even contains some string passages, which shows that this band is not afraid of using whatever elements suit their songs best, no matter the genre. If you like classic thrash metal and hardcore, but feel the need to listen a more modern interpretation of these genres, give River Black a try!

That’s about it for now. Keep an eye out for part 2!

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