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6 albums you might have missed in 2017

Who doesn’t know the struggle? As soon as one year is over, we start stumbling upon all the great records we have missed in the previous year. Or, we had every intention to check out a certain album, but fail to do so. I am definitely guilty as charged, but as always, I did my homework and will present to you the records I missed to check out in 2017, so this is basically a special edition of the series “Gems of last year”. Be sure to check out everything that sounds appealing to you, as there are some true gems to be found here.

Neck Of The Woods – “The Passenger”
Neck Of The Woods are known to play an intriguing mix of progressive metal, thrash metal, death metal and metalcore. Despite this mix fitting well into the metal music of the present, their debut “The Passenger” nearly sounds “old school” in the sense that it reminds me of Between The Buried And Me, Opeth and Darkest Hour. You just have to love how smart their songs are and how well these guys play. Additionally, Neck Of The Woods’ music will please extreme metal fans and prog lovers alike. Just do yourself a favor and check out “The Passenger”!

Horror Dance Squad – “Leap”
Horror Dance Squad are playing a strange kind of music, but strange in all the good ways. Despite, or rather, thanks to their unique mix of dance and metalcore in the style of Bring Me The Horizon, they have managed to create an equally interesting and addictive record called “Leap”. It’s that type of music that will get you out of bed and going ten out of ten times. I get that you wouldn’t want to listen to this kind of stuff the whole day every day, but a couple of tracks of “Leap” have definitely made it to my “Conquer The World” playlist on Spotify. Make sure to check out Horror Dance Squad in case you’re in need for the right kick out of bed in the morning. Because, you know, motivation is just a myth.

Polaris – “The Mortal Coil”
I can’t say anything negative about this Polaris nor their latest record. “The Mortal Coil” is consistent from beginning to end and it sounds like a heavier Wovenwar with tech metal influences. The vocals in this band are truly among the best in the genre (seriously, don’t miss out on those delightful clean vocals!). Polaris have released one hell of a massive album with “The Mortal Coil” and I’m almost ashamed that I didn’t check it out earlier. It’s addictive, it’s heavy and it’s beautiful: basically the perfect mix of brutal and cheesy. The video below depicts just that, actually. Aggressive music and falling rose petals? Sign me up. Metalcore release of the year!

Ordo Ignis Dei – “Bibliomystikon”
Ordo Ignis Dei is once again one of those bands you can’t put a label on. The band name and the title of their first record “Bibliomystikon” suggest that this is pure black metal, so the surprise is even bigger when you start listening and you get to hear jazz, prog and dark ambient music with black metal influences as well as clean vocals. I have never heard such an intriguing mix, but it turns out to be very well-made. You might not like jazz, just like myself, but “Bibliomystikon” is still very much worth giving a listen, as this is one of the most original releases of 2017. I’m very curious to hear what Ordo Ignis Dei come up with in the future.


Cyhra – “Letters To Myself”
Jake E left Amaranthe last year, but continues to delight us with his beautiful voice and lyrics as a member of the brand new band Cyhra. It always seemed as if he got the short end of the stick in Amaranthe, so I’m very glad to hear him presenting his abilities as a vocalist in Cyhra. The modern hard rock/metal band is consisting of other renowned metal musicians from bands like In Flames, Shining, and Rhapsody. I wouldn’t say that their debut record “Letters To Myself” is a game changer, but there are definitely some memorable moments to be found here, and I’m always down to listening to Jake E’s voice. This album is definitely a great listen for all Amaranthe or Dreamland fans out there.

Caligula’s Horse – “In Contact”
Once again, I am attracted to a band because of the singer. I’m getting really predictable. This whole post could have also been called “Great vocals you might have missed in 2017″…
Alright, back to business. Caligula’s Horse was probably one of my favorite bands two years ago. Nowadays, I still enjoy their music, I just don’t understand my obsession with them anymore, nor my obsession with prog rock in general. That’s the main reason why I didn’t check out their latest release until recently. However, “In Contact” is, like the album art, a very colorful record that definitely deserves a mention here. Not much has changed compared to the predecessor “Bloom”: Caligula’s Horse have found their formula for success and only make slight alterations or add new elements here and there. “In Contact” is just one step further for a band that definitely knows what they’re doing.

P.S.: I skipped the annual favorites post this time around. The main issue is that I don’t have a lot of releases to talk about. In case you’re curious, though, I do have some favorites posts from summer 2017:

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Honorable mentions (reviews):
The Contortionist – “Clairvoyant”
Dreamgrave – “Monuments” (EP)

Review: Dreamgrave – “Monuments” (EP)

Release date: October 26, 2017
Rating: outstanding (4)

Dömötör Gyimesi – vocals, guitars
János Mayer – keyboards
Mária Molnár – vocals
Tamás Tóth – drums
Krisztina Baranyi – violin
Péter Gilián – bass

The first full-length release called “Presentiment” by the Hungarian progressive band Dreamgrave saw the light of day over three years ago and ever since then, “Presentiment” remains an album I listen to on a regular basis. I believe that Dreamgrave’s formula for success is their diversity, and they continue to release great music with their (fairly) new EP “Monuments”. For a more detailed introduction to the band, I suggest reading my (slightly embarrassing) review of Dreamgrave’s debut album on

I had nothing but the highest expectations of this new release. Still, I was surprised to hear an even broader spectrum of different sounds and styles than I had anticipated, compiled into only three tracks. The EP starts with the track “Drop The Curtain”, which has an atmosphere similar to the two part-track “Presentiment” off the same-named record. This is a beautiful way to create cohesiveness between the two records. “Drop The Curtain”, however, is, in contrast to “Presentiment”, a much more “welcoming” track, less intrinsic. All in all, it’s a succeeded opening track that leaves nothing to be desired. Singer Mária Molnár’s singing style surprised me a little bit, she sounds very much like young Tarja Turunen here. This changes drastically on the next track, however. On “Monuments”, you’ll find skating followed by classical singing (all by the same vocalist!), groovy rhythms, eerie and mysterious acoustic parts, gothic metal in the style of early After Forever, classic progressive metal, and a very intriguing mix of medieval music, prog and jazz towards the end. I would like to be able to describe this track with some kind of adjectives, put a label on it. “Monuments”, however, proves that it is impossible to put a label on everything. Although it took some time for it to grow on me, I now adore this … damn, I’ll just stop searching for the perfect adjective, just give “Monuments” a listen.
Many of the aforementioned influences can be found in the next and last track called “The Passing Faith In Others”. There is one last surprise to be found here – lyrics in Hungarian language, which I heard being spoken every day growing up, but haven’t heard since a few years. I therefore felt connected to this song right away.

There are many reasons why “Monuments” is a critical release for Dreamgrave. It shows much more than “just” three new and outstanding tracks. It shows that Dreamgrave moved beyond their dark, cinematic progressive metal style into territories many metal bands don’t dare to explore. Moreover, it once again shows that they don’t neglect any aspect of their music: From the composition, to the vocal harmonies and the production, everything sounds well taken care of. Especially vocal melodies and harmonies are things that many bands don’t put enough emphasis on.
The crazy thing about Dreamgrave is, beyond all this beautiful music that they are creating, that I always feel like they have only scratched the surface of what is to come. Taking into consideration the music they have been releasing and the steps they have taken on their journey so far, it is safe to say that Dreamgrave is an ever-evolving band that, at least in my eyes (and ears), has truly earned its place in the progressive scene, and I would love to see Dreamgrave growing from an insider tip to a well-known progressive act.

01. Drop The Curtain
02. Monuments
03. The Passing Faith in Others

New tracks worth checking out: October 2017

Yes, I am aware of the fact that we are already halfway through November. University once again sabotaged my plans to post this on time. But it won’t stop me from sharing some of the best tracks released in October now. Better late than never!
It is safe to say that my attempt on making this a monthly series that goes online at the beginning of the month has failed. I am, however, determined to bring you my favorite new tracks at the end of every month from now on, mostly for the sake of diversion. There is such a thing as too many album reviews in my book!
October was quite full of new metalcore and modern metal releases – at least this is my impression. Ergo, you should definitely check out the bands and respective songs below if you are searching for new music from this category.
Without further ado, enjoy the following tracks.

Good Tiger – Blueshift
This is a very interesting track. Good Tiger in general are an interesting band I am willing to devote myself more to. “Bueshift” is a fairly new track off their upcoming second album “We Will All Be Gone” and clearly quite different from anything I have ever heard. Just listen for yourself.

Helloween – Pumpkins United
Helloween was one of the very first bands I started listening to as a teenager when I got into heavy music. I used to listen to Helloween every time I went for a run because their music really pushed me. Since then, a lot has changed: I haven’t been listening to Helloween a very much and I also gave up running. But now, as I am listening to this amazing new track, it feels as if I am beamed back in time. “Pumpkins United” is the perfect song to rise your energy levels, and I need a lot of that right now.

Attila – Three 6
Attila, one of the most successful metalcore bands at the moment, released a brand new song on Halloween 2017. There is no information on a new album yet, though. However, “Three 6” is a track that pleased many Atilla fans, and I do enjoy it a lot, as well. From time to time, everyone needs a little kick of energy, and that’s exactly what Attila are delivering with this track.

Polaris – Lucid
I have become a lot more open-minded when it comes to modern metal music. Polaris is a band I probably wouldn’t have checked out a couple of years ago, but little did I know that I would have missed out on some superb music! Polaris offer some of the angriest and simultaneously some of the most soothing vocals I’ve ever heard. The track “Lucid” combines everything I love in a metal song: Energetic, technical music, dynamic structure and powerful vocals, harsh or clean (in this case, we get both!).

Crystal Lake – Apollo
Another quite unique metalcore band – Crystal Lake are from Japan and I think that people outside the metalcore scene have never heard of this band before. On the same note as the aforementioned track “Lucid” by Polaris, “Apollo” feels like a fresh breeze of air. While being heavier, it still contains sprinklings of melody. Now who says modern metal is just bullshit! They clearly haven’t heard of Polaris or Crystal Lake.

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